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Sticker Printing
as a Business Opportunity

Printing durable stickers is a amazing business opportunity with massive potential.

We know of others who sell in excess of 1000 stickers per month on places like eBay and make an an income of around £1200 - £1500 per month on a part-time basis.

A small sticker can cost as little as 30p to produce and can be sold for around £1.75 each, giving you a net profit (after shipping) of around £1.00 per sticker!

These are for standard off-the-shelf stickers with for established markets such as ‘Disabled Stickers’, ‘CCTV Stickers’, ‘Warning Stickers’, ‘Bumper Stickers etc. With these types of stickers, you simply pre-print them and when a sale comes in, place then in a envelope and post them - what could be easier?

However, even bigger and better profits can be made by printing customised stickers. By this, we mean printing a sticker with someone’s name, company information, bespoke advertising signs, car rear window stickers etc. Often you can charge double the price when compared to off the shelf stickers!

We have customers who print onto our special vinyl and use them as floor advertising signs in shops and stores - what a great idea and it certainly gets customers attention!

We can supply this special printer along with self-adhesive vinyl and foils (the print colour). The start-up package costs as little as £499.00+VAT.

Remember, by using a different grade of foil, you can also print onto satin ribbons!

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Apply self-adhesive vinyl 
onto magnetic material and
create magnetic vehicle signs!

Personalise kids pencils, lunch boxes and stationery too!

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