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Pad Printing
as a Business Opportunity

The pad printing process was initially developed in Switzerland to print onto watch faces. However, as technology as moved on, it is now also possible to pad print onto 100's of products of various shapes and sizes.

With pad printing, the surface to be printed onto can be flat, irregular shaped, concave or convex. This makes the pad printing process extremely desirable when compared to other forms of printing.

A basic  pad printing set up will normally consist of:-

a) A pad printing machine

b) A plate/cliche maker

c) Blank water washable plates/cliches

c) Different shaped pads

d) Screen tint and artwork paper

e) Inks and retarder

f) Inks

plus a few other minor accessories.

More information can be found on our new website: https://www.creativeprintersoflondon.co.uk/pad-printing-machines

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