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About us

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Creative Printers of London (better know as CPL for short) were established in 1986 on the back of a  fairly small redundancy payout.

Not content to let redundancy get the better of him, it’s founder and now joint partner Jeff Sharma purchased a small hot foil printing machine and began printing and supply a range of advertising gift items for local businesses.

Initially, the start was of course slow but within a year or so, business began to expand as existing customer came back and ordered more and recommend our services to others.

Back in the mid 80’s, there was no such thing as selling online as selling was mainly done the good old fashioned way by knocking on doors!

Anyone can trade now on the Interent!

Shopping via the internet has now become a way of life and it has opened the doors for just about anyone to run a business from home whilst balancing home and work life to suit their personal circumstances.

Having been in this line of business for over 33 years, we feel that we are best placed to offer you sound advise in running your own home based business. We are not just about selling and supplying equipment, it’s a lot more than!

For example, we have invested in very efficient structure and have employed knowledgeable and dedicated members of staff who are only too happy to talk to you either over the phone or by e-mail or in person.

We have invested heavily in warehousing and keep adequate stocks  of products to efficiently service our rapidly growing customer base.

We also have a large showroom where your see all of our products on display, ask us any question and perhaps try your hand at some of the machines before you buy!

When you purchase your products from CPL, you will be fully reassured that you are dealing with a professional and highly organised company with over 33 years of track record.

Our wealth of experience is at your disposal and we are here to help you launch your  own business from home. Remember, we started with virtually nothing in 1986 and we have learnt a lot along the way and we are happy to pass on our vast experience
on to those who wish to purchase their business packages from us.

We know what it is like to start a new business from home; I did that over 33 years ago and have never looked back! Our wealth of experience is at your disposal. We are not just selling equipment here, we are here to offer you free on-going advise too, at no extra cost!

Unlike many other ‘Business Opportunities’ advertised on the internet, ours is 100% genuine. We do not promise you instant wealth, but if you are serious about running a genuine business, you will no doubt be rewarded for your efforts in time. Our products and services are real and not ‘pie in the sky ideas’ which you may have come across before and were perhaps disheartened by. We are real people, with real business premises and with real staff - give us a call today without any obligation and let us see how we can help you become more financially independent.

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