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Name Tag Printing
as a Business Opportunity

Name Tags & Name Tapes are also commonly known as ‘Iron on labels’.

Name Tags are widely used to mark and identify items of clothing, laundry, shoes etc for children’s schoolwear, hospitals and nursing homes.

Name Tags ensure that there is no mix up of items of clothing with anyone else’s as they can easily be identified with an individual or department’s name.

Name Tags can easily be printed with our ZX-40 Ultra Printer in a range of print colours. You can use any text on your PC and you can also add clipart and images too.

The print and the Name Tags are durable and can withstand many many washes without any loss of quality.

Using the same ZX-40 Ultra Printer, you can also print onto Shoe Labels and correctly identify the ownership. The stick on ‘feet’ are sold as a pair with a left and a right foot. This helps young children to also correctly identify the correct shoes for the  correct foot. Once printed and stuck onto the inside of a show, a clear protective sticky film is applied on top to give the print and the label extra protection from and early wear and tear.

Name Tags and Shoe labels are a regular repeat order type of business which offer good profit margins for very little work. These items can also be easily posted which makes them an ideal mail order product which can easily be shipped anywhere at a relatively low cost.

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